Botswana Safari Holidays

One of Africa’s greatest safari destinations, Botswana is perfect for those who enjoy wilderness, exclusive lodges and superb guides through the breathtaking land. Brimming with life and colour, it boasts some of the Earth’s most luscious wetlands as well as its most unforgiving habitats. The wildlife here travels in vast herds, unrestricted by fences, crossing the plains of the Kalahari to the Okavango Delta, the Chobe River swamps, and floodplains and saltpans of the Makgadikgadi.

Botswana’s lodges and camps are usually remote and often only accessible by light aircraft. Here instead of game viewing with a crowd of people and vehicles you will be in a small group, taking night drives, enjoying bush walks and following game off road making this experience far more personal.

One of the renowned wildlife spots in Botswana is the Okavango Delta, the ‘river that never finds the sea’. Instead of flowing into the ocean, the annual flood of freshwater flows inland making it the world’s largest inland delta and creating one of the most incredible natural spectacles in the world. It is home to vast numbers of game, bird and fish.

Generally April through to October are the best visiting months in terms of weather and game viewing. The natural waterholes and the borehole-fed dam’s mean the wildlife is most visible here in these dry months. However Botswana is a year-round destination, with wet and peak seasons still offering good game viewing.

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